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Thread: YoVille on MySpace - Why are MySpace users treated like the step-children of Zynga???

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    YoVille on MySpace - Why are MySpace users treated like the step-children of Zynga???

    Why is that Facebook users are provided with so many different ways to earn coins - more specifically with regard to free gift selections???? Why can't MySpace users send energy for jobs? rings of keys and colored treasure chests? Why do Facebook users get opportunities to purchase vehicles, houses and pets with COINS???? I don't get it. MySpace users are being shoved further and further down the chain with only 4 free gift options (one of which is the free spin and we ALL know that doesn't work). We used to have all kinds of free gifts to choose from and now NOTHING. Why are Facebook users provided the opportunity to build items with widgets and MySpace users are still struggling to gain a few measly coins doing jobs that don't pay worth a crap???? It's unfair and disheartening. I started playing YoVille on MySpace and there was, in fact, a time when it was FUN. Bring back the FUN, Zynga... PLEASE????

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    Amen brother!! Amen!

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    Because Zynga has a partnership with Facebook.....maybe ??? Or I heard that.

    Won't they let you transfer your account to Facebook??
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    I definitely agree, I hope Zynga pays attention to this, I am an active player on Myspace and I can tell we are getting the short end of the stick. For awhile we didn't even get news

    announcements, I had to constantly check different sites to figure out what was going on. Of course we could move all our items to Facebook but some of us prefer Myspace. I've also

    purchased yocash homes that cannot be transfered. Zynga, please give us the same features as Facebook users, I've spent more time and money on my Myspace account than your

    average facebook player has on their account and it isn't right that they receive special treatment.

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    i think it's myspace's fault.
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    Have you been complaining about this to MySpace as well as to Zynga? No, I don't think it's fair that there are so many things that MySpace users don't get but, from my limited understanding, they (MySpace) don't have the platform to permit a lot of the things you want. I'm not saying that you shouldn't complain here, just that you should also get all the MySpace players to complain to MySpace as well.

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    maybe myspace should get a way to post stuff like facebook for yoville purposes and other games also, i may not be on myspace but agreed :|.....
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    I have no complaints for myspace. I think everythings fine

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