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Thread: Wishlist Thread

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    I see what you did there.. :D

    Wishlist Thread

    •One "wish" post per day in each thread.
    •Do not use alternate accounts for additional posting opportunities.
    •Do not delete a wishlist and post later in the thread.
    •"Knock knock" posts to let someone know you granted a wish are acceptable, but refrain from chit-chat in these threads so that they're easier to navigate.
    •If you'd like to thank your gifter, please do so using the in-game or private message systems.
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Hope you all have a wonderful day today.
    So I am really wishing and hoping upon a big bright star for:
    Grinch costume and grinch hat
    Female Santa Costume and Hat
    Naughty/Nice List
    Female Elf costume and Hat
    Hot chocolate hat (I saw this and was like OMG, It is the most cutest costume)
    Reindeer Hat
    Santa Chair
    xmas garland
    xmas stockings
    xmas silver bells
    xmas holly
    xmas gold bells
    xmas centerpiece
    xmas place settings
    xmas red dining chairs
    xmas ice dining chairs
    xmas red dining table
    xmas ice dining table
    xmas stove
    xmas red fridge
    xmas ice fridge
    xmas white sink
    xmas red pantry
    xmas ice pantry
    xmas red china cabinet
    xmas ice china cabinet
    xmas white toilet
    xmas white bathtub
    xmas white lounge
    Holiday 10 white bed
    xmas ice tub
    xmas ice linen
    xmas ice toilet
    Sweetsville Furniture
    New Ice Furniture (have bought the ice house and would absolutely adore any ice furniture)
    New Snow Trees
    New Snow Globe
    Holiday 10 Ice End Tables
    Holiday 10 Windows
    Holiday 10 Wall Candels
    Holiday 10 Ice Couch
    Holiday 10 White Shelf
    Holiday 10 White Couch
    Holiday 10 Doors
    Holiday 10 White Chair
    Holiday 10 Red Couch
    Holiday 10 Red Chair
    Christmas ornaments
    Christmas milk and cookies

    My OMG Please Help Me Will be completely speechless and will dream for Wishes
    New Holiday Hair
    New Rideable Sleigh
    New Rudolph Reindeer
    Santas work table with elves

    And of course any surprises are so totally wonderful.

    Thankyou and Hugs
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    16 Days till Xmas!

    I have gone work this morning not feeling too good, so they have sent me home which is very kind of them, so getting a bus now!

    *Today I am wishing for:

    OMG Christmas:
    Elf 08/09 Costume Female
    Elf Hat
    Candy cane Costume
    Handheld Mistletoe/Candycane
    New Winter Coat (I have Purple XD)

    Tribal Male Headband
    Pilgrim Bonnet
    Native makeup
    Thanksgiving handheld basket/spear

    Hat in purple/white/black
    Beanie in pink/blue/light pink
    Boots in pink/blue/light pink

    Wonderful Woman Lasso
    Devil Tail
    Egg Costume
    Rivka Gloves

    New Romantic:
    Parasol (Any colour XD)
    Fan (Any colour XD)
    Pink/Blue Hairbows
    Stylish Cane

    OMG Wishlist:
    OMG Vday:
    Kiss Makeup (Red)
    VDay Handheld Balloon Black/Pink/Red
    VDay Handheld Rose

    OMG Costumes:
    I would love any 08 as have none but fav are: Firewoman, Nun, Astronaut, Ghost & PB Bunny
    Female Elf 08/09
    Ms Peppermint costume/hair
    Snowy Princess Costume/headband

    OMG Hats:
    Shepard Hat (Female)
    Detective Hat
    Top Hat
    Penguin Hat (Double OMG)

    OMG Hair:
    Blue Bride Hair,*Long Shiny Wavy Hair,*Fall Hair,*Braided Hair, Elegant Bun Hair & Winter Hair

    OMG Makeup:
    Blood Makeup
    Soccer Face-Paint (any colour)
    Snake Lady Makeup
    Bolt Makeup (Double OMG)

    Double OMG Mafia vs Police:
    White Mafia Hat
    White Mafia Shirt
    White Mafia Skirt
    Mafia Heels
    Mafia Cigar

    OMG Shades:
    Retro Pink Shades (Dream wish)
    Diva Shades
    Summer Shades Pink/Black/Zebra
    PMTown Shades

    Also any other costumes/hats/accessories/makeup/hair I don't have I would love!
    I also love surprises XD

    Thank you so much in advance! I appreciate every gift!

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    Wishlist OMG Wishlist: Pink Retro Shades, Firewoman 08, Angel Fairy 08, White Mafia Hat, Diva Shades, Fashion Braided Ponytail Blonde/Purple, Mafia Black Female Skirt & love a surprise!
    My Apartment:

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    Good morning Yoangels!! Just dropping off my wishlist which is in my siggy. Thank you so much for everything!!

    Now off to grant some wishes. May all of your wishes come true and please remember to "Pay it forward"!!

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    Hollywood Gold Doors
    XL aquarium
    Modern Black nightstand
    Cider Bottles
    New year fog machine
    New year searchlight
    Stage lights (from music store)
    The President
    Sparkling Pearl
    Enchanted Grail
    Bookshelf with ladder
    Taku dining Table
    Big daddy 08
    09/10 pot of gold
    Rocker fountain
    leprechaun fountain
    Elegant cider/beverage glass
    mafia gold/diamond ring
    Red velvet robe
    Hollywood Gold door
    Mafia Wall sconce lamp
    Pennsilvanian dutch desk
    circle dance floor
    Cotton candy machine
    new papar***i stage
    08 turkey dinner/thanksgiving turkey 08
    Police billy club
    Grand/Gold piano
    80´s arcade machines
    red santa bag
    eagle plushie
    yovillian fountain
    Fall wood chiper
    Walk in freezer
    Mafia bar set
    zebra rug
    Peace in earth globe
    Captain hat
    Bolt make up
    smart pomeranian
    police electric chair
    police interrogation table+chair
    mafia henchman
    police jail set
    vip thin glass table
    regal throne
    fire trash can
    Cuckoo clock (old one)
    Victorian grandfather clock
    Cottage clock
    animated fish floor
    50´s cat clock
    50´s dressing model
    super fall closet
    Luxury shoe rack
    vintage projector
    pirate throne
    white velvet toilet
    Fall red shower
    MJ jacket
    huge gold chain
    male santa
    gold cannon
    cupid fountain
    irish harp
    red lava
    koi pond
    magic tophat
    pinball machine
    police polygraph
    50´s waterfall
    zen garden
    spolight n mic
    mafia wall safe
    hollywood lady lamp
    chocolate fountain
    diving board
    hand chair red/blue
    whismical clock
    modern black shower
    yatch brass sink
    yatch ship model
    yatch globe
    yatch silver trophy
    Mafia Bar Stool
    Mafia Bar Counter

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    Good Morning....not feeling well today
    My wishes:

    Any new items...missed the sale
    Christmas items
    Holiday 10 Windows
    Sweetsville White Window
    Holiday 10 Red & Green Sconces
    Camp yo tan curtain
    hat, scarf, earmuffs, any new clothes
    Surprises....Love them all
    Thank you and have a great day
    Windows, Curtains. pool white Bathroom sink tub toilet shower, Cottage refrig, hair & access, Paris Purple & gold beds, Paris gold loveseat/chair, green wicker furniture, NYC teal frig, island, stove, sink, middle sec sofa, spanish bathroom, apt link

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    mj jacket
    pink retros
    indoor waterfall
    koi pond
    zen garden
    irish harp
    gumball machine
    santa chair
    dance floor
    romantic hot tub
    any scroll ride i have rainforest one
    red or black fringe hair
    and sleek hair with bangs
    purple sleek hair
    cotten candy machine
    any mafia items i miss my mafia stuff!
    bookshelf with ladder
    grand piano
    lip couch
    hotel chic rice cooker and slow cooker
    any hotel chic kitchen cabinets or items so sorry i missed this line i love it
    any chic living room or bed room items
    oh what the hell ANY hotel chic items!!
    any cabin items
    black iron bench
    any christmas items
    anything you have and dont want i have lots of room to put things and alot of empty houses to fill
    so anything really would be GREAT and used!!

    any mafia stuff black iron bench dance floor from diamond box cotton candy machine

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    Yo88o's Crissy' Wish List

    ####˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘## ##

    Happy Thursday to all.

    Hi, It’s Yo88o here with my Wish List.

    Thank you for looking & gifts you have given me or may give me.

    I am wishing for Christmas stuff, ~~ & Wondering if anyone is clearing out any old items or can help with below:



    Holiday 10 White Decorated Tree

    Holiday 10 Red Candles

    Holiday 10 Santa Armchair

    Snow Hole Tree

    Holiday 10 Frosty Box

    Snowmen Snow Globe

    Holiday 10 Bay Window with green decoration

    Any sorts of Christmas season things if anybody has some spare bits.

    YoCash things particularly, as unfortunately I can’t really get much YoCash items myself.~~

    I have some of last years freebie stuff if anybody want any Christmas 09 Gift Baskets, Chocolate Yule Logs,Christmas Tree Mugs, Cards, ect. ~~~ please message me if you need some.

    Decided to get a Haunted Castle as I have managed to get some YoCash together.
    I am liking all Haunted or Castle or Stone or Asylum, even Pirate
    Stone ~ Walls, Holes, Paper.
    Skeletons,Spiders, Spiders-Webs,Cob-Webs
    Cauldrons, Cats, Witches, Panthers
    Any Spooky Furniture
    Ahhhhhh!!! Yikes!!!!!! ~~~~~ Any spooky bits please

    ‘Surprises’ and Mystery gifts are always Loved

    And my absolutely dearest wish of all A Little "Enchanted Pixie" for me to share with someone very special ~ ~~Thank you so much cynnamon7 at PLAY for granting this ~~

    MY LINK is at bottom of Signature below VVVV~~~VVVV

    W/L Mysterys & Silver Greatest Wish ~ CitiBank M/Cycle ~ Dasher Tri-Car ~ King Monkey Clothes (if any) ~ Ench. Fly Eating Froggie.,~ All Whimsical ~ Chrissy Snow Hole Tree ~ Male Costumes ~ Zombie H/Man ~ Bat ∞∞ Use "VISIT HOMEPAGE" under Forum Name 'Yo88o' top left on this post please. My W/List is # 165 ~>OR: Try: -~∞>-

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    In a Pineapple under the sea
    Hello & happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! I hope you're in best health during this cold season!

    My currently biggest wishes in Yoville are:

    Lightblue or beige/tan ear muffs
    *Female blue or pink fall hair (both discontinued)
    *the new brown or blonde and pink female hair
    *09 christmas tree costume
    *Handheld dino or bunny plush
    *09 handheld blue present
    *09 handheld mistletoe
    *09 female elf costume or hat
    *chief hat 09
    *knife hat
    *any mafia or police clothing
    *Elf ears in any skin complexion

    *Panda bear pet

    *White or brown sweetsville furniture
    *Fog machine
    *Any 2010 winter/xmas items
    *09 ornament star
    *ice queen tree decoration
    *Ice queen bathroom sink
    *Ice swan
    *xmas snowglobes
    *09 build-a-snowman accessoires
    *Any type of wrapped holiday gift boxes
    *Snow bumps and mounds
    *Santa's work bench
    *any gingerbread house decoration
    *any xmas,hanukka or ice queen furniture/decoration
    *Blue or red hand chair from Yocrack
    *Food items from easter or 4th of july
    *Whimsical furniture/deocration
    *Moroccan or Pool party furniture/decoration
    *any autumn/halloween 2010 items
    *windows,doors or curtains
    *any type of fountain or water related items
    *standing or sliding penguin
    *water,chess,sand or ice rink tiles
    *flowers,trees or plants
    *Anything I listed in my siggy
    *Surprises and anything that comes from the heart

    Thank you to all the sweet & generous people out there! Have a great Thursday!
    To get to my apartment click the
    key image in my signature !
    ❤Click the photo below to get to my apartment ❤
    ❤Debi2010 ❤Sanchyie ❤Aurora ❤Winnitta ❤ Earthbender A1M ❤MrRichVIP ❤Dustyangel ❤Djrsoccer

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    on my computer playing Yoville. Where else?

    Happy Thursday!!!

    Good morning everyone!!! I had some wonderful angels yesterday and I thank each and every one! I hope everyone gets some angel visits today and I hope I can be someones angel! All the angels are truely wonderful! My BIG wish for today is the hair. Either the black red winter hair or Brown short highlighted!!! Would be so wow!!!!

    New 10 Christmas wishes!!!
    ~*~ white xmas shower
    ~*~ white xmas tub
    ~*~ white xmas lounge
    ~*~ white xmas toilet
    ~*~ Holiday 10 windows , bay or animated!! Working on project which I will need animated! Several of them.
    ~*~ Holiday 10 red armchair
    ~*~ Holiday 10 Frosty
    ~*~ Any new snowglobe
    ~*~ Holiday white bed
    ~*~ holiday white vanity
    ~*~ lights! Love blinking ones!!
    ~*~ I would also love love love any Christmas wallpaper from previous years!!!!!!!!
    ~*~ ice rink tiles from yodepot are nice! Both sizes!

    OMG Hair Wishes/ you will go to Heaven!
    ~*~ winter hair wow! Either black and red, or blonde with pink!!
    ~*~ romantic side bun in brown or black
    ~*~ any pink hair!!!!!!!
    ~*~ Black red winter hair I want so so much!!
    ~*~ any hair is wow!

    Clothes and accesories
    ~*~Tired Mom hair from halloween
    ~*~ any hats or accesories
    ~*~ Diva shades ( a girl can dream) wow!!!
    ~*~ any makeup ( kiss, rocker, bolt, kiss, any!) Would be WOW!
    ~*~ pbbunny ears and costume would be wow!

    OMG even more than the others lol!!
    ~*~ mechanical bull
    ~*~ animated leaf pile
    ~*~ music player with a track or 2 big wow!
    ~*~ bear cub would be wow!!!!!!

    Thanks! I love anything sent my way and I am grateful! I also love suprises so feel free to send anything! I love all gifts! Just no cottage freebies!In fact if anyone wants a cottage credenza or dresser leave me a message at my home and you can have as many as you want until they are gone! I truely appreciate all gifts! If I get a suprise I have or can't use I never sell, I will keep and regift it to someone here who needs it!
    Key in siggy! Click on the key in siggy
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