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Thread: Pageant Themes

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    Pageant Themes

    I always have a hard time coming up with themes and I'm not a fan of "prom, goth, beach" or anything simple like that. Does anyone have any good themes they use?

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    Hey there... I know what you mean! I've done all kinds of different ones. My favorite to do right now is to pick out certain movies or movie genres and have them dress the part. (Imagine if you picked out movies like Troy, they could use clothes from the Legends store... or Chicago, they can use mafia clothes...etc) There are a lot of different ways to go with the themes. Of course there are the common ones like Prom, goth, beach, sports, colors, wedding, costume, animal, food, school, celebrity, work... try mixing it up with some others like space, holiday, season, Disney...

    You could pick an iconic movie and have the themes be based on the characters:

    Wizard Of Oz Pageant!
    Dress as:
    1st round: Dorothy
    2nd round: Glenda
    3rd round: Scarecrow
    4th round: Tinman
    5th round: Lion
    6th round: Wicked Witch
    7th round: Flying Monkey

    Creativity counts! See which player uses their wardrobe the most creatively to make these costumes work!

    Here is a link to my pageant guide if you want to look it over

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