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Thread: Official Wishlist Thread

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    Yoville World !

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    Hair Wishlist (Fem):
    Short Beach Blonde
    Rainforest Nomi Hair Black
    Black Afro Poofs
    Legends Wavy Blonde
    Blonde Romantic Bun
    Blonde Fall Hair
    Blonde Mcfly
    And Yma RC Blue/Blonde
    Costume Wishlist:Mafia Set Purple
    V-day 2009 Cupid
    08 Sailor
    Angel Fairy
    Bumble Bee
    Hit Me Baby One More Time
    Female Director Outfit
    Enchanted Elf Female
    Female Anti Cupid Costume 2010
    Female Fantasy Outfit
    Female Usher Outfit
    Candy Corn Costume
    Weed Hat
    Megan Scary Bear Costume and Hat
    Random Accessories:
    Monaco Card Eye Red
    Shark Hat
    Penguin Hat
    Monaco Checkered Cap
    Monaco Race Costume
    Monaco Roulette Side Hat Green
    Cream Plaid Vest
    Airport Breifcase Black
    Pink Backpack
    Monaco Shimmer Necklace Silver
    Monaco Silver Luxury Clutch Silver
    Monaco Sunblock Pink
    Monaco Sleek Lighter Steel
    Monaco Fashion Earrings Pink
    Any Color Male Bubblemouth
    Black Cupid, Anti V-day Cupid Hat
    Anti V-day Bouquet
    Anti V-day Handheld Bear,
    Gold Cupid Bow and Arrow
    Yoscar Crystal Hairpin
    Furniture:Broken Heart Bed
    Broken Heart Fireplace
    Giant Anti Valentines Bear x2
    Thanks To Mshell, Every Other Yoangel and All the other wish granters c:

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    Hey guys, I hope everyone is in great health & having a great day!

    Here are my wishes for your consideration:

    :: Biggest Wishes & Goals ::
    High School Teacher Hairstyle Black
    High School Side Ponytail Black
    Pink Cupid Wings

    I want to thank every single one of you for spreading smile around our beautiful Yo-Community.
    I cherish each & every single gift. Thank you so very much!

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    Thanks Yo-Angels I am wishing for any Nutcracker/Christmas items -along with Miaim
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    Dear Yoangels,

    Leaving my Wishlist for the Day!!!!

    Thank You!!!! <3

    Key to my apartment in the siggie <3
    Thanks Chris, Mystic & Geydin for my siggies.... <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by xJayx View Post
    I would die for any of the new Monaco dresses or any of the clothing, they're so pretty but I'm trying to save up since I recently joined. Thanks so much!

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    knock knock

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    hello today i am wishing for hair , i LOVE the new blonde hair in the monaco theme but i would be greatful for any hair i wont be back on here till saturday (tomorrows my birthday) so please dont be offended if you dont get a response from me right away i love all you yoangels for being so generous

    my christmas wish is for new hair
    I would appreciate any christmas decorations

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    Hi all! Hope everyone's having a great day~
    I'd LOVE to have this pleaseeee! TY for reading!

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    Hey everyone c:
    I'll take anything that comes from your heart c:
    Thanks yoangels!

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