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Thread: Are there any games like yoville?

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    Are there any games like yoville?

    I absolutly love yoville,everything is awesome,but it is just not a game anymore,its preety much just work,new players have no where to start,they get picked on,and all the rich people are getting hacked,its just a game where you have to watch your back every now and then,Yes I know zynga you are trying your best to fix everything,but themes are being released alot with full of yocash i just cant keep up with it,it cost about 100 yocash to fill up a room these days,and yocash rates are tooooo high,and the reason yovilles in chaos because of all the high prices,its just a joke paying millions for a suit that was only 1k in 08,No im not quitting right now,but i am considering it,is there any games like yoville but not so much chaos,please NO 3D GAMES!!!

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    I see what you did there.. :D
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