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Thread: I want Fun and Carnival Themes and No I wasn't at the event ....

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    I want Fun and Carnival Themes and No I wasn't at the event ....

    I want Fun and Carnival Themes and No I wasn't at the event that asked people to post that they wanted these themes back. I just want to have the same opportunity that people had that played Yoville when they were originally released.

    Be Fair Yovile ... Bring 'em back!

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    Now since you made yet another annoying thread about those two themes they are not coming back.
    Terrible Person

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    I'd love to have a carnival theme <3
    Wishlist: 1. Winter Red Throne, 2. China teapot, 3. Rainforest frog pot, 4. Rainforest Monkey, 5. Southern Wall painting, 6. Cupid Painting, 7. Red Heart centerpiece, 8. Burlesque Vintage Couch(chair & Loveseat), 9. Burlesque Retro Pinup, 10. Fun Heart Seat, 11. Japanese Skirt/Top blue

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    Keep getting my posts deleted, HoneyBoo. It just confirms what pushes your buttons. :D
    They were re-released yesterday for 24 minutes and 52 seconds. Sorry you missed them!
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    Spouting doom and gloom from my negativity cloud..
    Well i want Fall theme back It was full of fun!!
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    Being back Carnival! There's a few decorative pieces that are useful.
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    i missed all till 09. 2010 i started playing properly. i missed alot. i loved the fun and carnival themes shame i was offline when they were out!!

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    Must. Not. Comment. (Shame I already did)

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    No, just no. Fun and Carnival were two of the worst themes that Zynga ever released on Yoville. I say no.

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