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Thread: Official Wishlist for 10/10/2013

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    I'm wishing for any of the following items:

    ~ Letter\Number tiles, especially I,E,G, H, L, N, S, T, 5

    - Love opening Mystery Packs

    OMG!!! Wishes

    * Hollywood Horror Graveyard Ground Rugs, 9x
    * Halloween Blue Skeleton Couch
    * Good Vs Evil Lava Horse
    * Emerald City Black Wolf, 2x

    Psst! Anyone has a zombie graveyard I can take peek?

    Thank you for the assist.
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    & ANY Russian circus yocash acessories
    My Omg Wishes

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    Hello All Yo Mates - Wishing for anything from the Heart <3 - I love surprises and I gift back <3

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    halloween is coming and i envy everyone whos now wearing their halloween outfits..but as you can see on my inventory, i dont have that much halloween for now, i am wishing for ANY halloween wearables esp hats, eyes, makeup and handhelds that i dont have...

    and my usual wishlist...

    will be gifting as much as i can in a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rileysmum View Post
    Hi Everyone
    No pretty pictures tonight, sorry !
    but im wishing for...
    *Any of the following 09 snowglobes ( im trying to collect them!)... Holiday Bells
    Holiday Gifts
    Polar Bear
    Christmas Tree

    *Spies V Supervillain Shimmer EyeMask - any colour
    *Zodiac Animated Pisces
    * Anything that you would like to gift me for my new nightclub Im working on

    thanks for reading, off to grant some wishes now xx
    Knock, knock
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    Hiya Yo-Angels and Yo-Peeps Hope you all has a good Thursday Going to drop off my list and will be doing gifting today


    Anything you think I cannot live without

    Any handhelds that I do not have

    Vikings and Dragons (Dragons are one of my favorite things)

    Wall eyes
    Mosaic floor patch
    Dragon Flag
    Viking Flag
    Any tables

    Viking stool
    Bon Fire
    Any chairs or benches

    Can use any of the following themed furniture: Suburban, old 70's, Summertime, Zen

    Factory Wooden Chairs black, red, or white

    09 Cannon
    09 Harp
    09 Pot of Gold
    09 Piggy Bank
    08/09/10 Halloween items
    08/09 Christmas (wrapped presents, snow globes, seal)
    08 Winter Items (Standing Penguin, Fishing hole, Boots (have the blue ones))

    ~OMG Crazy Wishes~
    09 Mafia Bat
    08 Christmas Snowy Tree any size
    08 Angel Ornament
    08 Black Stage or heart stage
    08 Costumes: Ninja, Big Daddy, Dracula, Pirate

    Thank you for your consideration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicnotes View Post
    Wishing for

    Any Hats

    especially Blue Penguin Hat

    Any Hair

    Any Handhelds

    Especially SnowVille Mrs.Claus Plushie Red, Fairytale Fantasy Bear Plush, any Bear Handhelds and Halloween pumpkin basket

    Thank you
    knock knock back!!


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    Hello all
    Firstly i'd like to thanks every angels there
    Thanks for sharing your love with us

    any clothes/accessories/furniture/whiteboard art also would be loved

    thank you so much for ur kindness and have a nice day
    Fifth Harmony <3

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